« The majority of the insurance industry is either early-stage digital or digital fast-followers that take a more moderate approach to digital transformation » - Gartner

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Decrease Underwriting Costs

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Increase Policy Profitability

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Reduce Legacy IT Debt

We Allow You to Move From Traditional Insurer to Digital Innovator

There is a new kind of competition in insurance industry: the digital race. Indeed, customers and policyholders expect insurers to deliver flawless user experiences and will go elsewhere if they do not get them. There is pressure to grow market share while decreasing the costs of underwriting and claims handling. These challenges, coupled with the need to modernize legacy IT systems, are having a significant impact on staying competitive.
Outsystems App Interface
Outsystems App Interface

Create the Digital Experience that Will Drive your Business

Improve Your Rentability
Thanks to our OutSystems expertise, we allow your company to not simply imagine the next-generation digital engagement solution, but deliver it quickly and efficiently than ever. Through unlimited use cases, across mobile, chatbot, web or directly onto your call center to your agents, brokers and customers. The agility of the platform will strengthen customer engagement on their own terms and allow you to up-sell and cross-sell by improving and better-understanding the overall user experience.

Beat The Competition
Delivering clear and interactive dashboards, new portal generations and diverse applications, the power of Low-Code make high-class insurance applications delivery 10 times faster than with traditional programing technologies. On all device, you have unlimited possibilities to knock down silos, orchestrating all distributed systems into a single viewpoint to attain the holy grail: a 360-degree view of your customer. In addition, you may plug onto the entire connected insurance ecosystem outside of your own company.

Take a Step Ahead from the Competition

Manage Your Legacy Debt
66% of IT budgets are focused on dealing with the legacy debt. Using the full-stack platform of OutSystems allow your IT team to re-platform and modernize the entire IT stack. With an open API framework, core systems and data sources are consolidated to respond to customer needs more quickly.

Reduce the Costs of Manual Operations & Claims
According to Forrester analyst, « reducing operating costs is a top priority for 40% of insurers ». Streamling operations is a must to stay competitive. Low-Code is therefore a solution to walk away from manual tasks and resource-intensive processes. In order to transform operations, we connect disparate systems of data, apply data standards and speed up processing times by exploiting OutSystems technology.
Outsystems App Interface
Outsystems App Interface

Never Compromise in Speed and Security

From core business app to non critical interfaces, your company is confident that its data is safe and secure with Outsystems. Its robust Low-Code technology meets the highest security requirements with compliance standards that insure you a total cybersecurity.
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