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Digitize the Patient Healthcare Path

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Improve Quality of the Patient Healthcare Path

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Streamline Operations

Digitize the Patient Healthcare Path

By using the full power of the Low-Code OutSystems platform, we are able to meet all of the digital needs that healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers need in their daily lives: pathology and treatment monitoring interfaces; educational applications for patients; platforms that centralize scientific news; connecting experts ... All applications can be deployed on any medium (Web, Mobile, Chatbot ...) and securely by meeting compliance requirements specific to the health sector.
Omnichannel experience with Outsystems
Outsystems App Interface

Ensure Transparency and Productivity with Secure Data Management

We consolidate numerous data points and systems in a centralized trusted place thanks to the dedicated API layer of OutSystems. This will allow a global and real-time view of patient data to improve transparency and productivity while ensuring full compliance with GDPR requirements.

Streamline your Digital Operations

Streamlining involves reducing the number of operations by creating an omnichannel solution. Prototyping, tests and iterations are now possible in a few hours and no longer in a few months thanks to the technical execution force of the OutSystems platform. We create sleek dashboards to collect and organize your clinical, operational and administrative data within a single application. Data is displayed in real time, allowing you to manage your activity with greater responsiveness and therefore more efficiency.
Outsystems App Interface
Outsystems App Interface

Never Compromise in Speed and Security

From core business app to non critical interfaces, your company is confident that its data is safe and secure with Outsystems. Its robust Low-Code technology meets the highest security requirements with compliance standards that insure you a total cybersecurity.
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