In 2019, INTRAFOUNDERS was born from an ambition: to deeply reshuffle the software development cards. Based on the observation that all of the innovators were held back by the rigidity of traditional programming, a large majority of projects are doomed to failure because of too long development time and an overall investment that is rarely profitable.


For years, the majority of digital agencies have used “cascading” development approaches with their customers. In this type of approach, development is cheaper at the start during the analysis and design phases. Thus, subsequent modifications are becoming increasingly expensive. As a result, a lot of time is spent trying to anticipate everything a product needs to work the first time.

However, the majority of case studies prove that it is impossible to know all the requirements of an application project before giving birth to it. By nature "new", any innovative product is bound to evolve. In fact, the more the product evolves, the more it takes on technical and business complexities. This density leads to a significant increase in development costs and makes the management or updating of the product even more difficult. Ultimately, projects reach the point where it is cheaper and less time consuming to maintain technical debt than to replace it with an innovative strategy.

Low-Code development platforms offer a virtuous alternative to this problem: thanks to their integrated full-stack property, they were designed to develop and iterate software products in record time, making the modification process inexpensive, fast and scalable, regardless of the size of the application and at anytime during its life cycle.